Another day….

27 December 2015

Well, I learnt something new today. Having had three days off for Christmas, I was fully prepared for the world to get back to normal (well, the FWL version of normal i.e. craziness) tomorrow. However, I am reliably informed that tomorrow is actually ‘Boxing Day Holiday‘? Whoever heard of such a ludicrous idea….?! Apparently, it happens when Boxing Day falls on a weekend. We have another holiday day. What difference does that make to us at FWL? Not an enormous amount…. work doesn’t stop at Christmas anyway! In fact, as I mentioned yesterday, I have (personally) nailed several tasks these last few days which have featured on the ‘Oh-hell-when-can-I-possibly-get-that-done‘ list for some (very long period of) time.

So tomorrow, four storyboards need to be written up for one client (for Tuesday) and two reports for another client (for that commonly known time of ‘ASAP’). Then we can return to the main task list prior to the world actually getting back to the nuttiness of normality on Tuesday when normal people go back to work – well, some of them at least. It is still considered (by some) to be the festive season and so we are working on a depleted staff – as most teams will be! Only the hardy work between Christmas and New Year, it would seem!

The good news is that quiet days mean invoices, quotes, lecture lists, website updates, blog posts, new webpages and more…. Oh, so much excitement!! The work had to be done before Christmas and now is the time for catching up on billing everybody…. and paying out a couple of estates which didn’t quite make the cut before Christmas. Banks aren’t open until Tuesday so the international payments will have to wait, but the UK cheques, online transfers and post can be prepared. Never a dull moment…. but only a three day ‘officially-open-office‘ week which is better than expected! Almost 2016…. I can almost touch it!

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