At the time of writing….

29 December 2015

…. there are just three working days left in 2015. In one calendar month, two of the FWL team will be on the way to the USA. How do the days/weeks/months/years pass us by so swiftly? Life, in many ways, is very fast paced these days. For the most part, modern technologies – mobile phones, laptops, the Internet, tablets etc. are a good thing but it does mean that people are constantly expected to be available, wherever they are. That said, some processes in yesteryear were much quicker than today.

In 1894, it would appear that justice was served quickly, with Annie Marshall Wise who was fined at the Mansion House, just one day after her disorderly conduct on New Year’s Eve, caring “no more for the laws of England than Timbuctoo“.

It would appear that New Year’s Eve is a time for people to fall foul of the law – quelle surprise! The Derby Daily Telegraph reported on Monday 4 January 1904 that “three hundred and thirty-one persons were arrested” in Berlin for disorderly conduct.

This incident was widely published (publicised) in various other newspapers across the nation and no doubt, across the globe. News travelled fast, even back in the early twentieth century! Nowadays, to get a case of any sort to trial takes months or even years but back in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, do wrong (or be perceived to have done wrong) and you were up before the court/judge/magistrate before you could say a single word!

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, ’tis time to take ‘due care’ …. designated drivers, sensible drinking etc. I am sure that more walls, barriers and other structural arrangements have been rendered useless during the course of the Christmas season. On a visit to FWL HQ earlier today (I know…. Bank Holiday….), a pedestrian crossing barrier was cordoned off with ‘Live – Do Not Cross’ tape around it. How someone could possibly have changed course significantly enough to collide with it, heaven alone knows. But, this is the season to be stupid…. so was evident on the trip back from Mr FWL’s parents yesterday. Long story…. VW Golf driver (enough said).

At 9am, the FWL office will be open! Three more days and it will be 2016. What will the post bring tomorrow (…. the first in several days)? The new Bonavacantia list …. will it be full to overflowing or sparse? Another day…. of bonkers, without a shadow of a doubt!

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