Are you ready to take on the world?

31 December 2015

There are now (in my timezone at least) less than 24 hours left of 2015. Reflecting on where we were at this time last year, FWL is almost unrecognisable now by comparison. The team has expanded beyond belief and work flows through the office at an absolutely ludicrous rate. Some good decisions and ‘right time, right place’ scenarios during the year have all worked together to secure our footing as one of the leading international genealogists and probate and intestacy research companies.

Have you made good choices this year? Maybe you haven’t, maybe you have. When you reflect on ‘the year that was’, be realistic in your analysis. Did the change you made really have the desired outcome/effect? What could you have done differently to make X better or improve Y? If you continue into 2016 without making any changes, what will happen? These questions can be asked in your personal, business, genealogy life…. whatever!

So, you have a brick wall in your research which you have had for years? Go back and look at all the records again! Try a different spelling, a different resource, a different way of searching….. who knows! That brick wall may well be broken down in 2016. New records are being digitised all the time on various commercial and non-commercial genealogy websites. Keep on top of the new releases in the new year.

What are your biggest business/personal challenges? How are you going to prepare for them in 2016? Are you ready to take on the world and achieve your business and/or personal goals? What is stopping you…? Remove the blockers and take on the world. Imagine how amazing you will feel this time next year reflecting on the successes from your list.

If you don’t set goals, how can you measure your progress towards achieving those goals? Why don’t you write down a list of aims and put the sheet of paper into a sealed canister, to be opened this time next year? Like a message in a bottle but just for opening in a year’s time…. See how things have moved on and whether you did indeed ‘take on the world’!

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