Welcome to 2016

1 January 2016

The New Year brings challenges all round the world. A major fire (and towering inferno) at a 63-storey hotel in Dubai, potential terrorist attacks in Munich and a brief respite from the UK storms…. Not quite the first day of the year we were all hoping for (at all), I am quite sure.

It will (more than likely) not surprise you that I – when starting to pen this blog – searched to find people called ‘New Year’! If that does surprise you, you really should read this blog more regularly!

New Year Rickaby was born in Darlington Registration District (RD) in March quarter 1845 and died in South Shields RD aged 44 in March quarter 1889. Other people in history have been known as ‘New Year‘ but, in isolated records…. for example, New Year Smith who died aged 1 in Lanchester RD in March quarter 1889 but there is no associated birth registration. There are two birth registrations – New Year West (1845) and New Year C. Hembling (1902) with no other connected records and New Year Beadle who married in 1862. How do these New Year‘s just disappear?! Well, perhaps a bit like last night did?!

It must be a little bit odd to be called Christmas, Easter, New Year etc…. how would any parent think this was ‘sensible’? What impact does this have on the name bearer? Seriously!!? Unless your surname is Smith, there is no need to call your child something ridiculously recognisable in life!

Anyway, I digress! The New Year has been brought in by fireworks around the world (as ever). I have to tell you that FWL is going places in 2016 – the fireworks are ready to go off…. just watch this space!! No secrets to be shared right now. Just you wait….

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