The Teapot of Life

3 January 2016

I have never been known to be a great tea drinker (coffee is my favoured beverage), though I did have a lovely gift of various different types of tea for Christmas, so who knows what may happen in 2016. However, on our calendar for January, is ‘The Teapot of Life’. Edward Monckton shares his quirky yet philosophical musings on life throughout the year, so each month we will be wowed with illustrations alongside hilarious prose. There are various phrases featuring teapots, oddly enough…. “My teapot runneth over” and other such earth-shattering and enlightening ones!

Thank heaven, no-one appears in the England and Wales GRO indexes with the given name of Teapot or Tea pot. However, Coffee does feature…. Just one individual named Coffee Mensaki who married twice – once in 1930 in Cardiff and then in 1935 in Liverpool S. Perhaps, this year, I should start drinking tea with Sugar Nutter – born in Burnley in 1853, I kid you not! It’s tough enough to have Nutter as a surname but seriously….!

Earlier this evening, I was watching Brad Burton – Founder of 4N – chatting about life, business and a lot of other random stuff on Facebook Mentions. Lots of people popped along to share their thoughts, questions and more…. A few people said they weren’t happy with their jobs, couldn’t get a job, etc. Made me think…. “The world can sometimes throw us, with its trouble and its strife, But may happiness brew always, In the Teapot of Life” [Edward Monckton]. Old Edward is right you know, and Brad too sometimes, but don’t tell him I said that!

Life ain’t easy. No-one maps out your path. Many of us have jobs/careers now that would never have been possible when we were at school. So, how can the teachers of today really prepare you for the workplace of the future? Truth is, they can’t. They give you a damned good foundation and set you up with the skills you need to get started. Then it’s down to you. You make your teapot and decide which tea you want inside it. No-one else.

Go out there. Get what you want in 2016. Three years ago, I did exactly that. Now look….

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