Lady luck and the Doctors of Spin

8 January 2016

Another interesting 48 hours has passed and I am pleased to tell you that these last 48 hours have been infinitely better than Monday and Tuesday, that is for certain. It is a society-filled week for me this week and that, coupled with an enormous list of other meetings, has made most nights late and mornings early. That doesn’t leave a huge amount in between but then, that’s nothing unusual when you run an international business whose offices (between them) cover the entire 24 hour clock!

During Wednesday, by some fluke, I managed to find the time to read a few articles on the worldwide web. Lots of companies number crunch their statistics at the end of a calendar year and 2015 was clearly no different. Scanning through the more mathematical publications, some companies claim that they have increased their income (what about the expenditure?!), whilst others talk of employing new staff (what happened to the ‘old staff’!?) but on the whole, the articles were just about showing off. If, in your business in 2015, you employed many new staff, that’s great. However, is this actually a lot of ‘spin doctoring’ to cover the truth? Company marketing is a very interesting thing to behold but the ‘spin’ side of marketing is something I do not want to learn about this year.

Returning from London yesterday evening late, dread filled me as the overhead information boards said ‘M4 closed, Junction 10 to 11’. Having experienced overnight junction closures back in November/December, the last thing I wanted to do was to circumnavigate the south-east face of Reading at 10:30/10:45pm …. again. As I drew closer to Junction 10 itself, the lane closure signs illuminated and slowly but surely, we were all herded into Lane 1. It would appear that, after neglecting me for a few days, Lady Luck was looking down on me as the complete closure had not quite been completed (around six minutes to spare) and so, our merry band of Lane 1 transport continued down the M4! Thank goodness!! If the diversion was in place, it would have added about five miles (eight kilometres) onto my journey but more importantly, an extra 20 minutes which, at that time of night, nobody wants.

So, thank you to Lady Luck for looking down positively upon me. I would appreciate a little more of your company this week/month/year, if that can be arranged.

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