Battering my head….

17 January 2016

…. against brickwalls…. all day!! And it’s Sunday as well…. Brickwalls are part of our A-game. Every day. We succeed where others fail. In recent months, we have had dozens of cases referred from solicitors and individuals who have had other companies research their cases, without success. Today, we have been working on some challenges – finding living people with ‘not uncommon’ names and little/no story to track them with, along with family histories with similarly popular surnames. Do we give up? Hell, no? Have we cracked the cases? Hell, yes!

The problem with tracing people and doing family history nowadays is that people think that it’s easy. “It’s all on the internet!”…. well, if it was all on the internet, we’d all be able to do what we do at FWL, wouldn’t we? Truth be told, a lot more is on the internet now than there ever has been before and the volume of information increases every week. Findmypast and Ancestry add new data sets all the time but that’s not to say that everyone can sit, in the comfort of their own home, and solve all their family history queries. It often takes ‘out of the box’ thinking – an expert to crack the brickwalls and smash them down!

That is where we come in. What does it cost? How long is a piece of string? We might find your John Smith in 60 seconds! We might take 60 days or more…. but our expertise does cost pennies/pounds or cents/dollars. Just as much as those who offer social media training, sales and marketing courses, etc. etc. No, we are not as costly as solicitors….! But, if we offered our knowledge for nothing, that would de-value the service we provide, wouldn’t it? So, you want to find your aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, etc….? We can do that. It doesn’t cost the earth but it’s not free. Take a look at Family Finders on the BBC (Series 2) …. We do a great job!

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