Chime, Knock, Wobble

21 January 2016

Haha…. so that got your attention! What were you thinking when you read the title of this blog, I wonder!? Today has been a different day in the world of FWL. I have been allowed out of the office. And in some style, I can tell you. If you let the MD out of the office, send her as far away as you can. To Leicester. Three hours. Each way. And…. expect her back in the office before it closes!!!

It has been a very long day. I left Wiltshire at 8am. M4, M5, M42, M6, M69…. that’s a lot of Ms! 150 miles later (that’s 240 km), I arrived at the Housing Office, in my FWL branded clothing to clearly identify myself. Cameras, laptops, clocks, printers, telephones, watches and so much more to collect from a one-bedroom flat in Leicester…. plus sorting out a VW Polo. Never has estate management/administration been so much ‘fun’! The staff at the Housing Office and the Estate Wardens had made such an effort to retain all the personal effects from the flat – not something we often find – and we even managed to bust open an almost immovable bottom drawer (warped in the cold) to find dozens of envelopes of photographs. Priceless for the estate beneficiaries.

But the fun really began when it came to packing all the valuable items into the car to bring it back to FWL HQ in Wiltshire. Chime, knock, wobble…. chime, chime, wobble, wobble…. Oh heavens. Do you have any idea how much noise clocks make? Oh, I can tell you. Really I can. The noises are still in my ears now and I arrived at the office at 4:55pm! Strangely, nobody was particularly enthusiastic about helping with the emptying of the car on arrival. Hm….. Lots of liquidation of assets to be done over the next few weeks. Oh…. did I mention the barometer?

My arrival at the office perhaps should been hampered but I managed to travel down the warm A350 at just the right time. Fire well alight but not late enough for the road to be closed. It was closed later and the photograph above will explain why….! The heat coming from the other side of the carriageway was something else. I even checked the paintwork on the car when I stopped at Morrisons to Tweet and Facebook the local community to tell them to avoid the area! The Gazette and Herald reports that it took an hour and a half and two fire crews to control the blaze…. What a day!

Quiet day tomorrow, please!

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