Customer service – good vs awful

23 January 2016

We – FWL – pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Just this week, we have had several clients/potential beneficiaries comment on how professional our staff are. That’s crucial to us…. if we don’t sign an Heir Hunting case, as long as we are remembered as the most ethical and professional team, that’s the important part. We certainly won’t lower our standards just to sign a case….

This week has been an interesting one for me, Team FWL and Mr FWL. We have been customers ourselves with varying degrees of success. This is, without doubt, the worst time for plumbing and heating issues. I have read on numerous Facebook accounts about boilers suddenly packing up. Well, this wasn’t sudden in the case of Mr FWL. The problem has been going on for six months or more. Mr FWL rents his flat and unfortunately, no-one has fixed his boiler problem and now, he has no heating. At all. So, his flat is rather cold (sense the understatement here).

We have also had very poor service from organisations. The worst part when things go wrong is when companies lie about what has happened. “Oh, we said we would be there between 12 and 1” … Urm, no you didn’t! I was part of that conversation too and specifically said that I would meet you at 12 noon. I don’t mind you being a little after 12 noon but I am pretty fed up that, when I have driven for three hours, you can’t be bothered to turn up AT ALL, even after three telephone calls and an hour and a quarter of waiting. So, you are a company/organisation, you advertise your services but then you do not deliver. What is the point of being in the marketplace?

Why is it that now people feel the need to praise good service? Because nine times out of ten, they don’t receive it. So, when the service is excellent is stands out from the crowd. If we stand out from the crowd (or indeed, if we don’t), let us know….

[And if you know anyone who can fix a boiler tomorrow in our area, please get in touch!]

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