Preparing for RootsTech

26 January 2016

Missing. One MD of FWL. Last seen heading towards Swindon Outlet Centre. If found, please return to FWL HQ in Calne.”

Fear not. The wanderer has returned. Today was the day for the final preparations for RootsTech. I could not bring myself to do it on a weekend when the shops would be busy. I am not the greatest shopper. I don’t really enjoy it. I usually know what I want and have a bit of a plan. I am certainly not a dawdler or one who approaches the fitting room with armfuls of clothes to try on.

The temperature in Salt Lake City at the moment is -1˚C, so some warm clothes are definitely required. This will be my very first trip to Utah and only my second trip to America. Before today, people were saying “Are you excited yet?” and I really wasn’t. I couldn’t see how I would get to Thursday and be ready to leave the office, how on earth I would get all the work done which needed to be cleared before departure. Having worked for a significant part of Sunday, the shopping trip invigorated me. Retail therapy coupled with messages for various Commonwealth genie-colleagues has made me head up the ladder of excitement a few rungs.

As a RootsTech Ambassador, I get certain privileges at the conference and yes, I am taking full advantage of them all. Am I a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? No, I am not but that does not stop me from being interested in their history, heritage, buildings and people. I am looking forward to tours of the Provo City Temple and the Church History Library, as well as much networking time with fellow genies.

I have some personal brick wall research tasks to take with me to the Family History Library – will Humphrey Sillifant please stand up? And you, Timothy Kitcher….!? It will be good to do some work for myself for a change…. well, a girl can hope, eh!

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