So near and yet so far….

28 January 2016

Wow. Is it actually possible that I will be leaving the office in just a few short hours? Apparently so.

Although I am very excited about flying to (Chicago and then) Salt Lake City for my first ever RootsTech conference, I am wondering how on earth I will manage to leave in less than eight hours (oops …. and I forgot that I need to sleep for some of that!). Yesterday (Wednesday) was not the quiet day I had hoped for. A late BV list did not help matters but the issues with Mr FWL’s boiler and all the other ‘racing around’ tasks prior to departure (stage left) meant that the day was stressful in many parts. It was certainly cold chez Mr FWL – no doubt about it. The boiler has been ‘decommissioned’ and now, it is a case of how quickly a replacement one can be fitted …. otherwise it might well be that Mr FWL lives at FWL HQ for a bit,  in order to have a hot shower!

Apparently, Team FWL are ready to be left unattended in the UK – I am off, and taking several other team members with me too. Heaven help the Northern Office and the Canadian Office! Almost decimated by RootsTech, it promises to be a superb networking event…. I can see that from all the geneabloggers posting about their imminent travel plans and such like. There are (apparently) 10,000+ people booked to attend – lordie, seriously? How can I speak to all the important people and make sure that I attend the crucial lectures? Heaven knows, but I will certainly try! I have downloaded The App but I have not done a proper reconnaissance mission and scheduled my every five minutes! Tick tock tick tock…. time will run out soon but I am hoping some Heathrow Terminal 5 time will suffice!

I am enormously looking forward to the conference, not least to reacquaint myself with fellow genies from across the world. The Social Media genie-community is prolific…. now, it’s time to meet in person. Exciting times!

So, who is going to RootsTech? I have ribbons if you are a member of/interested in/on various themes. Departure stage left will be upon you before you know it….#

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