RootsTech – Day 2

6 February 2016

This is my first ever RootsTech and I am an Ambassador. In some ways, I would recommend being an Ambassador and in some ways, perhaps not…. at least on your first visit! Those who follow me (MD@FWL) on Facebook or Twitter will have noticed that I have been a busy bee. On Day 2 (and indeed, Day 3 as I sit and write this blog), I have been the first person in the Media Hub each morning. There are no set rules and regulations for what we should do but I feel that being given the opportunity to be Ambassador, I have responsibilities and so I have been somewhat ‘omnipresent’…. a word generally described as meaning “present in all places at all times”. It’s commonly used in a religious context which is quite apt given the fact that we are in Salt Lake City!

Anyway, Day 2 began on the main stage with Josh and Naomi Davies, and David Isay. Naomi began her blog back in 2007 to “share photos of newlywed life in NYC with her family out west” – an online diary. But, it has become much more than this and her blog is now a global business. There are lots of (what I believe are called) Mommy Bloggers here, some are ambassadors for the conference. It’s all a bit alien to me, but I guess that what we do is equally a little odd to them!

David Isay, according to the RootsTech Conference Guide is “one of the most trusted and respected broadcasters working today”. He is an author and founder of StoryCorps – “an award-winning organization that provides people … with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve their life stories”. Definitely a key note not to be missed!

The Expo Hall was really busy on Day 2. There are so many exhibitors here, from courses leading to postgraduate and undergraduate level qualifications and commercial providers, to membership-based societies for various religions, counties etc. and free resources for family historians. There are even printing facilities here where you can print pretty significant sized trees. The opportunities are endless.

My Conference Day 2 finished with our Ethical Dilemmas panel, headed up by Jill Ball. Not a full audience but the room was massive! Lots of good discussion and questions from the audience too about what should/could be done in various situations which often occur in the field…. for example, the ‘Can some kind soul who has a subscription to X, please look up the details of Y for me?’ You know the ones….

After a brief ‘Feet up Friday‘ moment or two, the FWL Team took to the road again as we had been cordially invited to the MyHeritage bash at the Marriott City Creek Hotel. And wow, what a party! Giant Jenga, karaoke and all sorts of other games …. who knew that so many genealogists could sing so well (OK, I am not going to lie, there were some pretty terrible ones as well!).

And so onward to the final day of RootsTech…. we are to be deluged by 10,000 children. Batten down the hatches…. 4,000 of them are between 8 and 12! More on that in ‘RootsTech – Day 3’…..

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