Back to normality

12 February 2016

…. whatever that is meant to be! Valuations of stamp collections, clocks, stocks and shares, completion of Inheritance Tax forms, contacting banks, building societies and no end of other administrative tasks …. that ‘break’ away in Salt Lake City…. when was that exactly?

Facebook posts tell me that most of my RootsTech colleagues have now also returned to their versions of normality. The amount of tweets and number of Facebook posts has returned to the usual level and we are back in the groove in our working lives. To honour the new working week (for me) and my first proper working day back in the FWL office, a new filing cabinet was delivered on Wednesday and she was baptised yesterday, having been elevated carefully up one flight of stairs without damage to paint or woodwork. Success!

Back on the treadmill of FWL, I realised today that I continued to work hard (as I always do) during my time as a RootsTech Ambassador, but it was a different kind of work. I could sit in the Media Hub and spend a few hours on a blog (and lose it, in some people’s cases), write tweets and Facebook messages all day long. That was what I was there for. The clanging of clocks could be left behind and the team left to their own devices for quite a few working days. I missed a 4N meeting during my trip which felt most odd and two BNI meetings! There is little that is routine in the world of MD@FWL, but when you miss those little things which occur on a regular basis, you know they are part of normal life.

I had the opportunity to participate in four interviews during the course of the RootsTech Conference 2016;

(1) Jill Ball interviewed me about my genealogical life,

(2) I interviewed Chris Whitten of,

(3) Jill Ball and I interviewed Gabriel Roybal of TapGenes, the winners of the Innovator Summit, and

(4) Jill Ball, Judy G. Russell and I were interviewed by Jennifer Alford and Shannon Combs Bennett about Ethics in Genealogy.

Take a look at the links above. Find out more about me, Family Wise Limited and all sorts of other stuff (including RootsTech)!

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