Best laid plans

2 March 2016

Plans. Right. They are a great idea. No kidding. They work …. some of the time. Sometimes though, everything conspires against them. Even the best laid ones. This week is full of hatched plans. The diary is just crazy busy. Someone messaged me today and I just said ‘it’s a crazy daisy day’…. and I wasn’t wrong. The day did not go according to ‘the plan’. I am not going to lie. Meetings were scheduled and did not happen. Jobs had to be completed by different members of the team from the schedule, and certain things were postponed until tomorrow. Sometimes that happens. FWL is a ludicrous existence most days of the week….

Your job. Do you work to live or live to work? Is your job the same every day? Ours is not…. by a long shot. The number of new referrals we have received this week (it’s Tuesday) is bonkers …. from networking, other genealogists who don’t ‘do what we do’, solicitors who need our assistance and even funeral directors, work…. it’s never ending.

Oh and what are our opening hours? Well, we used to be 9am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday. Now, we are here 24-7-36X. You may ask why? Because we can. The Australian and Canadian offices are now well established. We can divert our calls at any hour of the day or night (wherever you are in the world) and so we can now serve you better. That’s crucial.

How do we manage to schedule work, you may ask? Well, so much is unexpected, it is extremely challenging at times. There are certain things which can be set on timelines and other things which seriously cannot…. or require more flex. How long does it take to complete an intestate estate to the point of administration of funds? How long is a piece of string? (we’ve said that before!) How long does it take to research an ancestral line in Germany/Poland/Italy etc.? Longer than a piece of string quite honestly.

Communication is our forte. We are the best in the business. We say it like it is. If we can, we can. If we can’t, we explain why we can’t. If there is news, we will tell you. But, if there is no news, there is no point in wasting time writing to you and telling you that, is there!?

Best laid plans – there are very few plans for tomorrow, so let’s see how it rolls. Who knows! Only time will tell.

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