Getting the right result

3 March 2016

Don’t worry. I have not totally lost the plot. I am not writing about sport all of a sudden. Since my return from Salt Lake City – minus the three days written off with the aftermath of the car break in – I have made a fair few decisions. Some personal, some business, some major and some pretty minor. Things I felt needed changing, jobs which needed re-evaluating, fires which were burning and needed extinguishing, as well as embers which needed reigniting.

Communicating with clients is something we do well at FWL – in fact, only today, we have signed a beneficiary at a higher commission rate than others were offering, because we provided more information to the client, were more personable and offered more for the family than the other companies who contacted them. It’s not all about speed, although that’s how it is portrayed on Heir Hunters. People value time and the right approach.

Do you get the result you want if you go in like a ‘bull in a china shop‘? If you want to talk about something which concerns you, you don’t have to be rude or aggressive. Having had an issue with an energy company on one particular estate in late 2015, I mentioned this when it came to paying the final bill. Mentioned it. In passing. What was the result? The last bill was waived and the account closed. A different approach would almost certainly not have achieved the same result.

Every business has to contend with issues raised by their clients once in a while. Thankfully, these are few and far between for us at FWL. However, when things go wrong, we will explain why, apologise where necessary and put things right. In our line of work, there are plenty of things which we have no control over. How long will it take to find my adoptive mother? How long does it take for an intestate estate to be paid out? No time scale given. No sensible answer to either of those questions, apart from the rather obvious one relating to string.

The right result is obtained from the right approach. Every time.

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