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5 March 2016

Once upon a time, there was an employee. An employee who was happy in her job. An employee who was reportedly “excellent” in her field. An employee who believed, when she trained, that she would hold her job for life.

And then, politics came into play and that employee decided that she no longer wanted to be an employee. This was not a snap decision. It was an accumulation of numerous factors. The employee had two choices: stay or go. Many people in that situation would have chosen to stay. It is (in all honesty) the easier of the two options. Secure job which pays the bills, or no idea if you can pay the mortgage and bills this month?!

Well, three years ago, that was me. Family Wise Limited was founded in 2012. It had secure starting blocks, but would it be viable as a full-time business interest? Three years down the track, I have the benefit of hindsight and that is always (so they say) 20/20! [I’ll leave you to make your conclusions about our successes!]

When I attend business network meetings, lots of people talk about ‘brand’ and how to stand out from the crowd/the competition. What makes a client choose one company over another? I commented in the last blog about a client choosing us despite our commission being higher. If you need a service (of any sort), do you get more than one quote? If you do, how do you select the company you want to complete the job? Thankfully, most people have the sense not to pick the first one or the cheapest price! [Well, that’s true with trades (electricians, plumbers, bathroom fitters, etc.), anyway.]

Family Wise, the brand, was carefully considered all those years ago. And it still works today. Now, we are once again looking for more members of the team…. we need experienced researchers who can work independently as well as on a team, can take direction on project-specific work, and are self-motivated and flexible with time availability.

Who do you know who wants to join a supportive team with a desire to ‘find people and change lives‘. Point them in our direction!!! At FWL, no-one wants to go!

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