How did that happen?

15 March 2016

So, here we are folks. It’s Monday night. I (in fact, to a large extent, the Royal ‘we’!) have frankly worked the entire weekend, only stopping to sleep and to participate in lunch events – yesterday for Pa FWL’s birthday and today (not officially the weekend I guess) for a lovely lunch treat out with my dear friend @Springhill_OPS who travelled down to my (well, ish) fine county to do some family history research, and took the time to look me up! Well, what a delightful distraction that was.

This morning was eventful to say the least. A standard MOT test booked in, I could only have assumed that my dear ‘Ronnie’ (a la Eastenders today – catch it if you can, because Ronnie’s storyline certainly looks to be an interesting one) would be safe and sound. Erm, no! Sadly, she failed. Eek! Not quite what I had expected, at all! Plan B = returning Ronnie back to ‘el garage’ in the morning. The office photocopier/scanner/printer also decided to throw the toys out over the weekend and fail us on a reasonably large scale. The top document feeder will not take anything. Wine, beer, vodka and diet coke…. no, seriously. It won’t take scan feed or print feed and, quite frankly, that doesn’t wash well in the working week. On a weekend, it’s ‘copable’ but once the full team is in the office in the week, it’s like having both arms and legs removed. Back-up plan? Oh yes…. there are other printers but scanning? We would rather not sit for hours scanning individuals pages before sending them to clients/the GLD/the Probate Registry etc. No siree! 

In cricket, they say that “Rain stopped play”. Today, “Photocopier stopped play“. Sense of humour failure? Oh yes! The technician is apparently descending upon us in the morning. Hurrah!! After Ronnie’s return to the garage, a whole pile of certificates need to be ordered from my favourite Registrars and then the day can properly begin …. oh and that is at 9am!

Oh and there are a fair few bees in my bonnet this week so watch out for the blogs of the week. You have been warned….

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