Easter Saturday at FWL Towers

26 March 2016

Earlier in the week, I wrote someone an email referring to FWL Towers and looking back now, it looks like Fawlty Towers…. made me laugh! Today is a work day at FWL. No rest for the wicked. In fact, yesterday was too. We have never sent out so much post from our offices…. ever. The decks are a bit clearer and this morning, I hot-footed it down to the post office to send it all off. I had warned Kay. Good job really! Twenty ‘please do not bend’ envelopes, two large Special Deliveries and more purple FWL envelopes than I could count. Prize for the closest estimate for the cost of all our mail today…..[votes close at 7pm GMT today].

One of my other errands to run on my outing from the office was to the post office collection office. Unfortunately, Chief and Deputy Chief in Charge of FWL Post have not been working this week. On Tuesday, Special Delivery envelopes made it through the office door without anyone signing for it. I was not a happy MD and was down like grease lightning to complain on Wednesday at 6:30am. Collecting the Special for Wednesday, shock horror – THREE recorded deliveries made it through on Wednesday and then a further handful of Specials on Thursday. This is NOT the service people pay for.

Spoke to the Manager this morning who took the matter very seriously – I commented that Chief and Deputy Chief in Charge of FWL Post would be horrified on their return and I was assured it would be dealt with. Arriving back at the office after completing my third errand (Tesco!), a Royal Mail van was parked in the middle of my drive. I carefully manoeuvred around the bizarrely parked vehicle and found the postman at my door. He came over and spoke to me, telling me that his manager had contacted him about my complaint but qualified his actions by saying that he was ‘trying to help’ by putting the SD/RDs through the office door during the week – erm, No dear boy! You have not assisted us in any way. Quite the contrary! He apologised but then asked me not to report him to Head Office. In fact, I’ll rephrase that, begged me not to report him to Head Office. Well, Sonny Jim…. the thought had not even crossed my mind but thank you for planting it there. Leave that one with me!

One of the Special Delivery envelopes I then signed for, brought even more humour to our morning. A fellow Heir Hunting company who we have not liaised with previously had sent a claim in relation to one of the estates we are administrating. The deceased was one of sixteen children, many of whom are either still living or had descendants. Imagine our mirth when the claim had been submitted on behalf of a first cousin, twice removed!! How did they miss the other fifteen siblings I wonder? And apparently, the company has appeared on a television series, according to their headed paper. Wow….

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