I for Investigation

11 April 2016

When you are welcomed into the working world of FWL Towers, Investigation is added (by deed poll) to your name as a new (additional) middle name. That’s what we do all day every day – investigation. We take on all sorts of investigative work from minute to large projects, for individuals to large companies, from simple to bordering on the impossible, we won’t give up until we have cracked it (or cracked up in the process!).

There are certain skills which can be taught. Having been both a research scientist and teacher prior to working at FWL Towers, investigation and education are both key motivators for me. I always wanted to be a forensic scientist but it was very difficult to enter the profession with a degree, back in the day, when I was first out of university. So, I turned my hand to a different type of forensics. In fact, there is a term ‘forensic genealogy’ used in the USA, though judging by a quick search on Google, that means something slightly different: “Forensic genealogy is research, analysis, and reporting in cases. with legal implications. Using methodology and ethics consistent with the highest standards of the profession, forensic genealogy is conducted by unbiased, disinterested third party practitioners with no personal or professional stake in the outcome” [Source: Forensic Genealogy Services] …. anyway, I digress.

Investigation is at the core of a true genealogist. It’s not just about names and dates. “Whilst conventional genealogy might be concerned with finding facts, forensic genealogy knits those facts into meaningful information“, as Colleen Fitzpatrick wrote, back in 2010. And she is most definitely right! What excites you more? The fact that your great-grandfather was born on 18 September 1892 in Pancras, or the fact he was knighted? Erm…. doesn’t take much thinking time that one!!

Why did you start investigating your family history? To check out whether a family legend was true? To step back into history and find out where you came from? Whatever the reason, it will undoubtedly mean that you have a great interest in investigation.

What are your greatest investigative finds? Have you documented them for future generations?

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