P for the Power of Networking

19 April 2016

Networking? Why? …. Well frankly, why not? Family Wise Limited was founded in 2012 and, ever since its foundation, we have been networking in various guises. Doing lectures to promote our work and networking on a local, national and international level….

This morning, our MD was out and about networking at 4N Longwell Green…. with over 30 businesses in the room! What better way to spread the word about the amazing work of FWL? She was back in the office before noon to hear our superb news from the Government Legal Department (GLD) on an extremely challenging case…. claim accepted and another one “with interest in freehold property“! Like we didn’t know that!

Why do we let her out? Because 4Networking is one of the best ways to meet fellow business professionals. It’s not every week and you’re not tied to attending one specific meeting. You can passport from one meeting to another and do presentations (4Sights) to build your profile. Not only that, you can take a role in the management of a group and invite visitors who, if they join, will earn you extra days membership. What’s not to like?

We send our MD out as she is a Networking Queen. Self taught, incidentally. No training required – she is just a natural. It’s better that way…. That’s why she’s featuring on a BBC series shortly! But that’s another story entirely!

Here’s a question though: why would you want to meet other business people on a regular basis? What on earth is the point? Simple. You build relationships! How many business owners meet/connect in person with other directors to liaise on a professional level? Not so many…. if you know people who run their own company, why not recommend 4N? For us, it brings in a huge amount of work. People at 4N know, like and trust us and then refer us to their friends, family, colleagues, clients etc.

Many people have joined our team at FWL as a direct result of networking, in one guise or another. What could you gain from networking? Why not find out about networking meetings local to you? Seriously…. you won’t regret it.

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