R for Relationships

22 April 2016

It could quite easily have been resources, rate books, records (far too general), rent and/or various other R words. But, relationships stood out. Why? Because everything we do is to do with relationships!

When we contact potential beneficiaries, we develop positive relationships with them, quickly. They are entitled to inherit money from a relation ….  sometimes very distant. If someone contacted you, out of the blue, and told you that you were likely to inherit funds from someone, would you believe them? Sadly, in this day and age, few people do. However, with positive mental attitude, miracles can be achieved.

No matter who you meet in life though, positive relationships are crucial. Why would you, an adoptee, ask FWL to trace your birth parents? Because that’s what we do and we are a “cut above the rest” according to our clients. What does that mean, in reality?

No-one in the FWL Team has only one string to their bow. Everyone has a special skill set to offer. The Australian Office has worked miracles this week – one on a long-standing case and one on a recent referral from a local solicitor. The UK Office has worked tirelessly to crack a case with many and various name changes. Contracts in hand….

When we do get in touch with potential beneficiaries, they are often surprised by our call/letter. When questioned about their relations, they have frequently either lost contact with extended family members, or never been in touch at all. Relationships in the familial sense are a very different ‘kettle of fish’ now than they were back then…. People also change their names to disconnect their relationships. For heavens sake folks, keep it simple for us to search for you, couldn’t you?

In ten years, the art of tracing people has moved on dramatically whilst relationships appear to be going in the opposite direction. The more time we put into social media channels, the less time we spend with the living! Time to look at your relationships. Who should you be in more regular contact with? Who could you cope without?! What will your mission be in relation to contacts in your phone/address book? I have one in mind so watch out “Crannies”!

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