W for Wonderful World of Webinars

27 April 2016

Modern technology is wonderful. When I first started researching my own family history (when I was a “microbe” – Pa FWL’s parlance for being a youngster, i.e. under ten, I think), records were not available ‘online’. Computer monitors were the size of a small filing cabinet and, even when I was at university, most homes did not have broadband. Heavens, I am so old!

Today, I have spent most of the day sat on my rear end writing – creating material for articles and publications as well as perfecting my Society for One-Place Studies hangout on Using Newspapers to visualise your one-place study and also, this evening’s Legacy Webinar on Rummaging in the Parish Chests. [The step count is surprisingly not as abysmal as I expected!] Ten years ago (even five years ago), the day I have had would not have been possible….. presenting to people around the globe – twice – from the comfort of my own office. No travel time. No travel costs.

Business network meeting at 8am (Chippenham, Wilts). Chased ‘Badger’ (Deputy Chief in Charge of Post) around the estate and eventually located her to collect my train tickets to London tomorrow. Partially normal working day in the office (ish). Google+ Hangout at 3pm (to a worldwide audience – and recorded), meeting in town at 5pm and Legacy webinar at 7pm (to a worldwide audience of over 1,500 registrants – and recorded). Managed to connect two people with the same (reasonably rare) surname in their ancestry (mentioned in the Legacy webinar, twice) and only travelled 24 miles all day.

The technology has developed so fast. There are so many ways to virtually meet people in small and large groups and to fit all budgets – free on Google+ to hundreds of pounds per month for the best in the business.

If you haven’t already, check out the Legacy Webinar Library. So much to learn…. and search around for other online webinars, Hangouts, YouTube videos …. there is so much out there…. What’s not to like?

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