Inspiring others

10 May 2016

Well, that’s been quite an amazing couple of days …. we work hard here at FWL Towers so, to say that in the last 36 hours we’ve worked harder than ever before, you’ll perhaps understand the level of team commitment. Weekend? What weekend? In the midst of interviewing potential new members of the team from across the globe, the case work continues…. and boy, there have been some challenges and some grovelling to be done at various Register Offices around the nation!

And the team have also travelled even further than normal …. me – the MD of FWL – I have run a half-day course at the Society of Genealogists as well as lecturing in Bristol and Stanford in the Vale, and that’s just since Saturday! Members of the team have travelled north of the border to Scotland whilst others are in the process of preparing for exams next month. Never a dull moment … Some people are even being allowed holidays!

Educating and inspiring others is at the core of what we do. Team work is crucial when it comes to cracking cases and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking sets us apart from our competitors. These past few days, being allowed out of the office, I have enjoyed meeting other people who share my passion – for family, local and social history. I was delighted to share my afternoon with like-minded people on Saturday, teaching them about Records of the Poor (or Rummaging in the Parish Chests) at the Society of Genealogists. London is not my favourite place (far from it) but sometimes the journey is worth it. Super feedback from those who attended and I hope to hear from attendees in the future to celebrate the progress they make in their research as a result of what they learnt.

Two very different lectures in Bristol and Stanford in the Vale – Women in World War I yesterday in Bristol and Tracing the history of a Community today. Poles apart! Vastly differing audiences and venues but the common thread in the feedback I received was that my knowledge and enthusiasm made me one of the best speakers they have had on their programme. Well, thank you!

I am always delighted to impart my knowledge, enthusiasm and even humour at events across the nation (or even the globe). Lecture offerings to be updated soon when all the other earth-shatteringly important jobs are done but if you are looking for a speaker, get in touch using the contact form on the website.

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