Beyond grateful

12 May 2016

Since I started blogging in earnest, a fair few posts have related to being grateful, saying thank you and such like. The world is, it sometimes seems, full of people who are happy to complain but more rarely to show appreciation. When FWL was in its second phase of growth, I (as MD) joined BNI and, although I began my BNI years in Wiltshire, converted to be an Avon/Monmouth member, specifically to Bath Parade. Some decisions I’ve made since FWL was founded, I look back in hindsight and wonder if they were the best ideas I had ever had! I have never doubted my networking decisions though and today, I am beyond grateful for the assistance, skill and immediate support provided by one particular friend who is one of (if not) the longest standing members of BNI Bath Parade.

Imagine this…. your entire working world revolves around your PC/laptop and, in the blink of an eye, it turns from being an ally into being your worst enemy. Unresponsive at the most inopportune moments with work being lost and more than that, hours of work time. The number of times the machine could have been launched from a top floor window is unmentionable and the air in the office, blue (or should I say, even bluer than normal).

Yesterday, I called Everything IT and booked my laptop in to be looked at…. virtually. No need to travel to Bath and I had meetings all afternoon so could leave the dreadful machine in situ for the wizards to work on. I wasn’t too concerned about the work files as I have an automatic backup set up so, even if the worst scenario came true, I had lost just a few files I had been working on this morning. Or so I thought….

Imagine my utter shock when I took a call and was told I had a hardware failure (sorry Mark if that’s the wrong parlance but it was something like that, I think?!) and that there was no backup since JANUARY!!! Four months of work. How on earth could this be replicated? I continued with my evening meetings and spoke to Ma & Pa FWL, as well as Mr FWL and as I was nearing the office, I was just filled with dread. I knew Mark was going to leave me a message on the computer to tell me what the situation was. Bottle of vino blanco in hand for the bad news, I braced myself and entered the office….

“Phew – good news Kirsty. After we spoke, I ended up returning to the workshop to take over and keep an eye on this for you – and just this second completed a full, successful backup! Laptop ready for you to use once more!” Words fail me…. (rare, I know). I cannot even try to put into words how grateful I am to Mark and the team at Everything IT.

Today had been challenging from start to finish. Nothing quite went to plan. Dead laptop with four months of work gone up in smoke would have been the final straw to a breakdown of grand proportion. Literally, Mark, you’ve saved my life.

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