Never say No!

15 May 2016

Sometimes we raise awareness and educate readers in the realms of family, social or local history. Sometimes we tell stories about our work, our travels, our traumas and more. Today falls into the second category. This last week, we have been ‘on a mission’. No case was too challenging. Nothing was going to be left to chance. No stone was going to be left unturned. The newly published case lists were (as usual) varied in their length from day-to-day and also in their viability.

At the beginning of the week, my focus was on lectures. Educating (or as the blog said, inspiring) others. However, under the facade, we were digging like billy-o. On occasion, some cases caused us a fair headache to even get off the ground. A birth certificate had to be purchased to gain half a clue about the parents of the deceased. That was the case on three cases last week. Did that scare us? Frankly no!

One thing I am bewildered by is that some Register Offices will provide the information on a certificate over the telephone (once purchased) and others point blank refuse. Surely there should be a consistent policy across the nation? The ones who do are in our little black book and we have certainly added to that this week. We have also purchased our most expensive certificate ever…. that HAD to be utilised positively, no matter how much work was required!

And work, we have. Three seemingly impossible cases, cracked. There have been times when we have put them down and thought, “Enough is enough!” But the trouble is, these people stay with us. No matter how hard we try to say “No!”, they stay in our minds and bother us until we get them sussed out. To solve this week’s mysteries, we’ve used neighbours, extended family, 4N members (thanks Mark Northall) and much more.

Never a dull moment at FWL Towers and now, we are raring to go for the week ahead. Bring it on, GLD!

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