What makes you proud?

18 May 2016

An odd topic, some might think, for a blog. Well, it’s not like that’s unusual for FWL then! We are not a ‘run-of-the-mill’ company who do precisely what you would expect. Yes, we do what it says on the tin. But, more often than not, we do the unexpected as well.

In the last few days, we have broken the news to potential heirs that in fact they are not one of three children but one of six. Not the easiest news to deliver to people in their late sixties to early eighties, but the team are more than qualified to deal with these situations in a tactful, diplomatic way. In fact, the conversations have been so positive that the potential heirs have wanted more than anything else to find out more about their previously unknown half-siblings! The ancestral tree was plotted back to the eighteenth century but not so detailed in the twentieth century!

Past months have taken us down the adoption path on more than one occasion too – in fact, in one case, we have come across six adoptions in one family. That is certainly a record! Sometimes this leads to challenging conversations for the team with people feeling that they should be entitled to a portion of the estate funds from their birth family, despite being adopted! That’s not quite how it works, folks!

What makes me proud? That in all the years that FWL has been around, we have never ever had a complaint from a client, or potential client. What does that tell me? That the FWL Team are superb. We have a strong brand, image and identity in the field. We do what it says on the tin, and some!

This evening, I have been watching the final part of Gareth’s Invictus Choir on BBC1. Another reason to be proud, but this time of our ex-servicemen and women who performed their own song at the opening ceremony of The Invictus Games in America. There is a lot of negativity in the media. Let’s stick with the positives and be proud of them.

What makes you proud?

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