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21 May 2016

We are going to be on Family Finders! At FWL, we often say that ‘We find people and change lives‘. This week, we are on BBC1 doing exactly that. Sadly, I was not given six month’s notice to get back into the ‘right’ size trousers (pants for those of you on the western side of the pond) but hey ho! It’s all about the story, not about me (I hope).

Filmed back in December 2015 and researched earlier the same year, the story is pretty awesome, even by our standards. Whilst we don’t want to give the game away, there are certain parts of the story which won’t spoil it …. oh, and by the way, it’s on Thursday 26th May 2016 at 11am BST on BBC1. As the BBC website says, “Classic car enthusiast Nick Morgan … was adopted as a baby. It was only when he became a father himself that Nick felt an urge to try and find his biological family. Initial searches didn’t yield any results, so Nick employed a genealogist.” That’s us! “On the journey to discover more about the mother he never knew, Nick was delighted to find he had a sister, complete with family of her own. Now, Nick is meeting Deborah’s grown-up children Gemma and Daniel for the very first time.”

I met Nick at a networking meeting and he was pretty convinced when he handed over ‘Mission Impossible’ that he was going to smash our 100% crack rate. He didn’t tell us that until much later, however! There are conversations in the story which we’ll never ever forget and the outcome has been truly amazing for Nick and his family. From a random meeting that neither of us would normally attend, what a fantastic outcome – well, you can see it for yourself on Thursday!

Also, Nick will be interviewed on Radio Somerset on Monday morning at 8:30am so do listen in if you can.

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