Bank Holiday

29 May 2016

In the United Kingdom (which, despite their best efforts, still includes Scotland, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland), we are in the midst of our second Bank Holiday weekend this month. Odd, if you ask me, but I am guessing that there must be some historic relevance as opposed to just providing the teaching profession (and others) with a much needed three-day weekend! In fact, teachers have a whole week off to catch up on marking and lesson planning this week…. Oh and all the other jobs they can’t find the time for normally.

From the comfort of my office in FWL Towers, I am pleased to report that the sun is indeed shining down on us today. The British like nothing more than discussing the weather, so the stereotype goes, and we regularly moan that on Bank Holiday weekends, you can almost guarantee rain, especially if there is a music festival as well. Radio 1 are holding their Big Weekend at Powderham Castle this weekend, near Exeter. Wow, that’s quite brave of the Courtenay family to host a music festival at their castle!

Several years ago, I met Lady Watney who was a Courtenay by birth – there is a Courtenay Society, don’t you know? The Society even has offices at Powderham, open three days a week! There are not many surname societies who can boast an office, let alone a castle in their family name…. It has been Society Sunday for me today, catching up on some secretarial and chairman-ly tasks for various groups I am involved with, as well as booking speakers for our 2017 lecture programme. Yesterday, more post entered and left FWL Towers in one day than we have seen in many months, several cases flew the nest to the Government offices and more enquiries came steaming in as a result of the TV show on Thursday. We are certainly not short of work here!

I had a social engagement planned for this evening but, in order to maintain our high standards, I am working as are several other members of the team. Gutted to miss the gathering but feeling satisfied that I have made lots of clients happy and the team feel less drowned with work! The see-saw of the work-life balance can swing back another time….

[N.B. Wishing FWL Towers wasn’t quite so close to residential properties. Small children squealing when they are enjoying themselves is fine. Over the top screaming is unnecessary and hinders progress but today’s rather eccentric dog woofing has driven us almost to distraction.]

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