A Plan B Day

1 June 2016

Well, today was quite an odd day. No published Bonavacantia (BV) list. Usually, if there are no new cases, the list is published with no new cases on it. Fairly simple concept. But not today. Apparently, today was an extended holiday weekend for the Government Legal Department (GLD). Not for us, sadly!

As MD of FWL, I am blessed (some would say otherwise), with a pretty awesome memory. People often catch me – on the mobile, out of the office – and I can regale entire cases with no notes. Having said that, I cannot remember the last time there was no newly published BV list. Seriously…. I am now having to fork out for new keyboards in the office as the F5 key apparently no longer works (for those unaware of this function, F5 refreshes the screen, or in today’s case, doesn’t appear to!).

One of our many talents here at FWL is tracing heirs in intestate estates, and in some fairly challenging situations too. Without giving away our trade secrets (as we know several competitors read our blog – no surprise there!), we have successfully signed several estates in the last week or two due to a ‘change of tack‘. Feel free to read between those invisible lines…. but we are very pleased to have found yet another niche to set ourselves apart from the competition.

There are (apparently) lots of companies who ‘do what we do’, or so we are occasionally told. We beg to differ. There is only one company who does what FWL does. Others may work in the ‘same industry’ but we stand alone. The new clients who have been in touch since we featured on Family Finders last week clearly recognise our impressive 100% crack rate and already – since Thursday – we have provided clients with information they have been searching for for years/decades.

No new BV list? Hurrah! We can focus our attention on the hundreds or so other projects we have. It’s a Plan B Day! We work long hours at FWL – we have been pleased for a reprieve today! [Oh go on GLD, we are ready for you tomorrow!]

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