FWL International

3 June 2016

Don’t worry – we haven’t changed our company name, nor have we changed our method of operation. We have always been a worldwide (international) company. Our research takes us far and wide. In recent months, we have paid out intestate estates to beneficiaries in Calne (FWL HQ), Chippenham and Bristol, as well as Belize, Canada, Germany and Spain (as well as numerous other locations). When we start working on a case, however it comes to us (from GLD, solicitors, private clients etc.), more often than not we have no idea what the end point will be. Just because someone died in Barnet, doesn’t mean they were born there! So a death certificate states a particular date of birth for the deceased? That doesn’t mean it’s correct! Spinster doesn’t necessarily mean unmarried lady …. The problems are endless! It’s like we have to take every piece of information with a pinch of salt!

In recent weeks, we have ‘surprised‘ a number of people. A 75-year-old lady who previously thought she was the eldest of three children and found out she was the fourth of six…. the cousins of a lady who changed the spelling of her first name more frequently than I’ve had hot dinners this year…. and the client who had tried to locate her grandmother’s birth certificate for years and years – a brick wall we managed to break down quickly. Yes, we do have a magic wand on occasion!

There is nothing we won’t touch. Several cases have taken us to Africa and Asia in recent weeks/months and every one of those cases has been successful. Deed poll name changes? No problem. Oh and if you want to change your name without any documentation, we can work that out too! Don’t think you can hide!

Once upon a time, we (Team FWL) had other jobs in life. We were civil servants, teachers, high-powered ‘execs’, PAs …. Now, we all find people and change lives. The world over. It’s a pretty awesome job, really.

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