How long is a piece of string?

4 June 2016

Over the last ten (not all working) days, it’s been extremely busy at FWL Towers since our appearance on Family Finders. We have had nearly one hundred calls from potential new clients, with a wide variety of research requests. As is stated on the show, we have a 100% crack rate on cases we have charged for …. and we are keen for that to continue. If we know we have little chance of success, after an hour or two of free research, we will not charge the client.

Recent referrals have been very interesting. Some have been resolved in minutes. Others will take much longer. Some have been quoted, already paid for and resolved. One other case, we have quoted for and been told (for only the second time ever) that our quote was too much/”a lot of money”. Hmmm….  really? To find the person/people you have been looking for all your life? Our quote was very very low for this particular case as we knew we could succeed in the quest…. however, we will keep the information on file, should the client wish to take up our offer in the future.

Many people have asked us, before providing any information about their quest, “How much does it cost to find someone?” Our answer has been a stock standard, “How much does it cost to decorate a house?” The options are, quite clearly, endless…. as they are for us. Is the person you are searching for called John Smith, or Joshebed McSpluff? We offer a free quote after an initial hour (often more) of research, so we actually know what chance we have of succeeding in our mission. There is no ‘one size fits all‘ situation, no ‘normal case’ so we do need some information to begin the investigation and provide a ‘job-specific’ quote.

What value would you place on being put in touch with your previously unknown family members? I’d give thousands of pounds, but I guess that’s just me [safe in the knowledge that I will not ever be in that position!].

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