All good news…. isn’t it?

6 June 2016

Sadly this year, I did not attend the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in person. It’s the first time in three years and I was very sad to miss meeting up with friends, new and old. During the course of the weekend, I have kept up to date via the usual social networking channels and I was pleased to see a tweet or two about the line-up for OGS 2017 in Ottawa. My ‘home’ city in Canada …. the University I studied at in 1998-1999 and I was delighted to be asked to present! With many commitments already in the diary, the dates for OGS 2017 fit well and, being booked so far ahead of time (I’ve known for a few months but was sworn to secrecy!), has meant that I have been able to schedule other appearances and projects around it. Now, the RootsTech proposals need to be in this month…. Note to self!

With the MD@FWL being omnipresent this weekend (i.e. not being abroad), we were able to move many client files forward – in between liking Facebook posts, re-tweeting and promoting the OGS Conference on this side of the pond – and a whole host of estates were administrated. We received notification from other administrators during the week that one case was insolvent (darn!) whilst two further estates were resolved with commission values which will not even cover our costs. It has been concerning to note that directions given to administrators via our company contracts and other letters of authority signed by our beneficiaries cannot be complied with, causing much distress to all concerned. In the long term, it only reflects poorly on the company concerned when the instructions are clearly delivered and not followed.

That’s why we always make sure that all agreements, even down to the ‘yes, please purchase XXX certificate’ are made in writing with our clients. So, you want us to find your birth mother? Would it be OK to purchase X, Y or Z? The cost will be…..? Will that be acceptable? No-one likes receiving an unexpected bill, so best not to be the one delivering it!

Headline: Read all about it! …  agree terms before hand and stick to them!

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