The Team

10 June 2016

The FWL Team is, quite frankly, amazing. Since our appearance on Family Finders only two weeks ago, work has been pouring in. Seriously. we have been staggered at the level of publicity the programme provided without even featuring the name of the company. OK, so the observant among you may have noticed that, although the header paper was blurred out, the first sentence of one of the pictured letters seemed to say ‘Kirsty Gray, Managing Director of Family Wise Limited’! Thanks Ricochet!

Having lost count of the number of calls we received in the first day, although the call rate has decreased day-by-day, even today we had a call into the office saying ‘Is that Kirsty Gray off the television?’. Erm, I guess it might be! We are now considering an office move and the process of taking on more staff is already underway. There are so many things to consider though – clearly the location is crucial in terms of potential customer footfall, as well as availability of parking and accessibility for our current team members (who are already situated the world over, although some work from FWL HQ aka FWL Towers).

The Team is what makes FWL what it is today. We work together and care for our clients. As well as that, we care for each other and that’s what makes our team special. All team members come to ‘the party’ from different backgrounds and for diverse reasons. Over the years, I (as MD@FWL) have worked in some challenging working environments, and I would say I have learnt more about managing teams from poor managers than good and that is a sad fact in the structure of many arenas, where people end up in management without having the skills to actually manage.

There are many entrepreneurs/new business start-ups these days, we find. How do you set yourself apart from the competition? Is there competition in your field? In our profession, there are other companies who do what we do, but they do not have the ethos of FWL. A business colleague asked me earlier today about my exit strategy and how much it would cost to buy me out of the business, if/when the time comes. Right now, no amount of money would make me want to sell FWL. No matter how many millions anyone offered me.

FWL is going places. Who wants to join us for the ride

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