Alien abduction

17 June 2016

The world is a mighty strange place right now with some events taking place which really should not feature in our newsfeeds in the 21st century. Why do people decide to commit such crimes? Orlando, Euro 2016 and now Leeds. Clearly, the scales are very different but never the less, people are being affected by the unnecessary and criminal acts of others. These events certainly do put things into perspective.

Last night, I took the evening off and met up with some ex-teaching colleagues of mine. During the conversation, we caught up on personal news, discussed planned holidays and other interesting topics. It was concerning to hear that several of my friends are not so confident travelling to foreign parts now after the incidents of months and years past. A sad sign of the times….

During the recent Orlando news, I am sure many took comfort (as I did) when people updated their Facebook pages to declare themselves ‘safe’. Superb idea, Facebook …. one of your better ones, I’d say! What I would like to do is instigate that in cases from the past. Could the people we research who hide please declare themselves safe and make themselves known to us!?

Over the last few days, I swear we have come across more cases of alien abduction than normal. Ladies born in the 1950s and 1960s who, after their births, cannot be located anywhere in the world, men who decide to give themselves middle names after their birth and people who, quite frankly, make up information for official documents (for so many reasons!). Certainly, doesn’t make researching easy and even today, we had some work referred by a solicitor where the name of the person whose family history we were required to research was incorrect!

If anyone has any experience in liaising with aliens in these kinds of situations to persuade them to allow their abductees back to planet earth, your assistance would be enormously appreciated right now. We look forward to your offers of help via our Contact Form.

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