Innings and outing

19 June 2016

It’s fair to say, I do a fair bit of travelling in my job as MD of FWL. Trains, planes and automobiles…. more the latter than the former…. I have seen the West Midlands, Somerset, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and several other counties these past few weeks. The British June weather has not performed well to date. This is possibly due to the trampoline which has been installed in our ‘back door neighbour’s’ garden and probably closer to our office windows than the house behind us. The new installment has not filled us with great joy, I can tell you….

Friday morning began with a 4Sight slot for me @4N Wolverhampton. I was born in Stourbridge (although I spent less than a year of my life there) and therefore, I have an affinity with the area. A good friend and business networking colleague lives in Wolverhampton and hence, we (FWL) often pitch up at The Business Networking Show and other seasonal invitation events in the region. Sadly, the weather on Thursday evening (on the drive up) was hideous. Torrential rain and, even after arrival, the rain continued to throw it down as if we were a nation starved of water.

Being ‘on an outing’ means that, not only have I met lots of fabulous new people, I have also had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with previous connections. Yesterday, I met “A” who had previously helped me to trace someone who owed several clients money (slippery character!). I had no idea he would be attending the 4N meeting I was presenting at. In fact, he had never visited 4Networking before …. just goes to show! During a previous social visit to the Midlands, I met a great graphic designer. She also appeared unexpectedly at 4N yesterday and, during her forty-second presentation, she mentioned vehicle livery. I have been meaning to do something about that for ages! I will definitely be in touch with you, Lizzy!

Today has again been an ‘outing’ day. Saturday isn’t always that way but, this weekend, I was booked to attend the Wiltshire Family History Society Open Day at STEAM in Swindon with my Chairman of West Middlesex Family History Society hat on. The venue was certainly very easy to locate and there were some excellent networking opportunities with lecture bookings made, along with being notified of new events of interest in 2017.

So, what’s not to like!? An outing day and lots of new and/or reinvigorated contacts….. Why not take your researches outside the four walls of your home? There is so much more to research than sitting at a PC. Seriously, there is!

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