Nasty case of scrambled brain

20 June 2016

No alarm clock required. Monday morning came around far too quickly. Woke up and was working before 8am. More cases in my brain than I have had hot dinners since 1 April this year. Had a telephone call shortly after the office opened and despite not being able to lay my hands on the case notes, regaled the whole case (as per usual). Working with our overseas team on a project in the US, completed two sets of case notes and Hightailed them off before 11am. And then to complete the only new BV case….

Oh, and add to that a rather interesting case for a solicitor (the one I mentioned a few days ago, when the birth name wasn’t quite the same as the gentleman’s name at death) which I cracked in a few hours and sent out two letters to maternal cousins of the deceased…. by 1pm, my brain was like scrambled egg! Add to that, a very taxing case from last week…. so, I spent two hours on the telephone this afternoon to various people across the nation and finally, we managed to locate two potential heirs. Hurrah!

Having worked the whole weekend to try to move our heads to above the water level, today feels like we should not have worried. Another day brings a whole pile of work to be done and we are really looking forward to our potential office move soon…. we need more space and the ability to have more of the team in one place. That said, we will still need our SW and Northern Office and those who are based close to record offices and archives across England and Wales (and further afield too). That’s where our network works best.

Who else in our field works weekends? I would hazard to suggest …. no-one! Why do we work weekends? Because we had over a dozen calls on Saturday from letters we had sent out. Would those calls have been made during the ‘normal’ working week? Personally, I doubt it.

#makingadifference #goingtheextramile

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