Focussing minds

22 June 2016

Have you made valuable use of your time today? How many times do you get to the end of a working day and wonder what you have actually achieved? Sometimes days are like that. Your ‘to-do’ list seems longer at the end than at the start and your ‘must do’ items are still sitting there, waving at you ….

At FWL, we often have time-critical work referred to us which simply must take precedence over other projects. If someone has died and next-of-kin need to be traced, that needs to happen NOW! Next month simply won’t do. That makes case progression an interesting challenge! We have to have focussed minds to make sure that longer term project deadlines are met as well as delivering on the very short term jobs.

In the past week, three researchers have expressed an interest in joining the team. In fact if I am honest, more people than that want to join the team every week. However, these three are realistic prospects. That is the difference…. Focussing your mind on what you want to achieve is a tough task. In a networking meeting this morning, I met a school business manager. [Past history for me = Head of Sixth Form and teacher of over a decade.] He was perhaps not the easiest person to warm to, but in discussing our business and his, we connected. He invited me into the school to talk to the students about my ‘career change‘ and how my business has grown due to determination, drive to succeed, networking and some darned good decision-making. Many students leave the education system without the appropriate skills for work and so, I relish the opportunity to return to my previous habitat to inspire the young people of the future.

Having woken this morning at 5am and completed an hour’s work before even attending said networking meeting, tomorrow I am hoping to not see even a six on the clock. How will you focus your mind tomorrow? What is on your ‘to-do’ list? Why not post it here as a catalyst for success!

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