Votes cast

24 June 2016

Even those not residing in the United Kingdom could not have missed (thanks to the wonders of 21st century communications) that we have been subjected, in the last few months, to the #Brexit campaign. Should we stay or should we go? Several ‘key players’ (in the political world) have been expressing their opinions and jumping on band wagons (or creating their own). And now we have decided to leave…. What does that mean? Heaven alone knows.

The television, the internet, social media channels…. it’s been full of it today. We started work this morning with some ‘interesting posts’ on Facebook. Opinionated. Concerned. Although lots of people posted about the fact they had voted yesterday in the Referendum, few people nailed their colours to the mast. I am sure that some companies this morning saw investors considering where their funds were placed and other people commented online about the fact that the value of the pound was falling because of the decision we – as a country – had made. One day in. Really? No-one knows how quickly any changes are going to be made, or really the impact this will have on the UK in general. As a business, people have asked what impact this decision will have on FWL? How do we know right now?

We joined the European Economic Community (EEC) following a treaty signed by Edward (Ted) Heath, the British Prime Minister, in Brussels on 22 January 1972. The European Communities Bill was then introduced in the House of Commons to give parliamentary assent to Britain’s membership of the EEC. Although the bill itself consisted of only twelve clauses, there were several hundreds of hours of debate before it became law. And now, forty four years later, we have turned back the clock. The country has spoken.

Our Prime Minister has decided that, as he backed the Remain Campaign, he should step down from his position (in the next three months, at some point) and now, we have the prospect of two state leaders who, to be honest, are less than ‘ideal’. Where are we headed? We have decided. What next?

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