Changing the game

28 June 2016

The game changes. Every day. Once upon a time, in a land far far from here, my job description was very different from that of today. I am sure fellow MDs of international probate and intestacy companies can concur. One day, back in history, we all worked for someone else. Perhaps a member of our own family, or someone else ‘in the business’ but, come what may, few of us started out from scratch with no connection with the industry.

Who knew that it would ever be possible to run a family history research, probate and intestate company full-time, with numerous staff, and an office premises. Well, I might not have believed that before 2016, but this year has been so successful for FWL that nothing is beyond us. Television appearances, radio shows, networking across the nation and lecture bookings around the world, what is stopping us?!

When you started your business, literally from scratch, how did you plan to grow it? So, you might have decided to get a web presence (or someone to do it for you) but how did you manage to step up for the bottom rung, to something nearer the top? How did you reach from the newest foundation to developing connections, leads and referrals for others and such like?

Over my years of networking, I have acquired the knowledge to realise who is worth connecting with and those five-minute wonders who turn up to their first meeting and sell to the room. Do you know what? Selling to fellow business people is one of the quickest ways of losing allies. Seriously….! I kid you not! There is a lot to be said for connecting with someone, liking them (as a person) and trusting (that they can do what they say they will do). The biggest error in networking is selling to the room.

When I first started networking, I had no clue. I went on gut reaction, instinct and the best plan…. it has worked so far and FWL has grown beyond recognition. We are looking to find researchers willing to join the team on either a part-time or full-time basis, as of now. Please do not hesitate to get in touch ( or call our offices…..

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