Work work work

30 June 2016

Goodness gracious! Today has been out of this world. We have a seriously dedicated team at FWL and we all work long hours to achieve the best for our clients. That said, this last 48 hours has been phenomenal. Beyond amazing!

The net is closing in on our new (larger) office premises and the team are really hoping to hear tomorrow whether our offer has been accepted. We have found what we believe is as close to ideal as we will find and now we just wait to hear from the landlord (via the agent, of course). Then the next chapter of FWL can begin. Two new people have joined the team this week, with another one starting in late July and several other potential researchers heading our way. What does that mean for the team? It means more of us can work from the same venue and share our skills, knowledge and expertise with one another to improve our service even more. Individually, we have some very talented people and together, we are unstoppable.

We have some questions which would like your help with…. if you are a current or past client of ours, how did you come to know about FWL? What made you choose FWL over other companies? Would you recommend us to a friend? (if yes, why and if no, why not?)…. we really value feedback from clients, both positive and negative, and we would like to hear your views.

Regular blog readers…. how did you find out about our blog? What makes you follow (and continue to read) our posts? Are there some post topics which you prefer over others? Is there anything we don’t write about at the moment on our blog which you would like to see in the future? Please let us know….

We hope to share some more exciting news in the next few days. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know!

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