What makes you read our blog?

4 July 2016

Just last week, we asked a question of our readership: Why do you keep reading our blog? We had dozens of responses via various channels (Twitter, Facebook and some personally, via email, to our business address). Reactions were fascinating …. some people said that they felt like we were having a conversation with them personally, whilst others mentioned that they liked to hear of our day-to-day research discoveries. A few respondents commented that they liked our ‘silly names’ blogs and a number of readers clearly enjoy the more ‘random’ posts, particularly of my [MD@FWL] travel challenges!


It is interesting (for us) to follow the blogs of fellow genealogists, societies and such like from across the globe. Many companies who ‘do what we do’ don’t blog at all, or if they do, it’s all about PR. We endeavour to present a measured blog with stories (some daft), case studies and daily blather to give readers an indication of the work we do. We do work miracles sometimes. However, it is not always possible and it cannot always be achieved in ‘five minutes’. In the last three weeks, we have been trying to trace extended family members of a UK citizen who died overseas. Time was of the essence in this case (with decisions to be made about a funeral) and other projects have, for all the right reasons, had to take a ‘back seat‘.

In the past two days (yesterday being Sunday), we have had over an hour on the telephone with a cousin of the deceased (one of not-quite-a-handful of beneficiaries to the estate). Words cannot describe how delighted we are to be able to assist in tracing the next-of-kin to inform them of the news and also advise them on their options. It is a great honour to be in a position to provide this service. And frankly, this was not a simple case, by a long shot!!

Who do you need to trace? Whatever the reason, we can help (no matter where that person may now be residing!)!

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