Quote Night

9 July 2016

In recent months, I have heard (generally on social media) of ‘Date Night’…. friends who have been in relationships for a long period of time (and some who have children), decide on a particular day of the week or date of the month to go out as a couple to keep their relationship alive (or reignite it, depending on their situation!). Well, we have reinvented ‘Date Night’ and made it ‘Quote Night‘.

Since our episode of Family Finders was aired in May, we have been inundated with requests for work. Often people ask, “How much does it cost to find my father?” (or similar) and, unsurprisingly, there isn’t a stock answer. Each and every new case is thoroughly investigated prior to quoting to ensure that we provide an accurate and realistic cost against (at least mildly) predictable outcomes. Of course, much of our work is shrouded in uncertainty, or at the very least, the unknown.

Oh yes, we could easily just put a price on an initial piece of research and go …. headlong, into the abyss. But that is not our style and we prefer to provide our clients with a realistic quote, rather than a fictitious formulaic price. However, this does take time. We’ve had a few people ‘chasing’ for quotes recently. The fact you don’t have a quote so far is because we haven’t arrived at a point that we can provide one! You wouldn’t ask a painter and decorator to give you a quote before telling him/her what make/type/colour of paint you wanted and whether you wanted them to paint the woodwork as well, or indeed not! Once you have informed them of your choices, they will need to do research into the costs and so forth. Guess what?! We are no different.

And so Quote Night begins…. See you on the other side….

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