Stop press: FWL MD Immobilised

11 July 2016

Bad news folks. Our MD has been immobilised. You won’t believe it when you hear it. On a trip to the local post office…. she returned to her vehicle, walked towards her car (towards the line of almost stationary traffic), opened the car door to enter her car and as she opened the door – CRUNCH. The door was completely buckled to the point of not being able to secure her car. What on earth!?

Calne is a sleepy Wiltshire town. It’s not as if this kind of stuff happens every day, but the best part was, the man who ran into her car appeared to feel that it was her fault. Walking past two parked vehicles, in the line of traffic, and apparently invisible to oncoming drivers. Amazing! Once the other driver had ‘given her the once over’, he continued to inform her that she was at fault for opening her car door and should have waited for him to pass. Erm, no…. we think not.

So now, the company wheels have been incarcerated, as they are not considered to be safe in the community. Well, not safe to be left outside as the driver’s door has dropped about two inches from its normal position. Oh, the amount of telephone calls required to get hold of a recovery vehicle, the insurers, a courtesy car etc. etc. All for the sake of one man, who could not see our MD. Seriously, she’s 170cm tall (thankfully) and highly visible to the naked eye. Having had her car broken into in Windsor in February and now this, “Ronnie” is clearly jinxed.

Tomorrow therefore, may be slightly different to the planned Tuesday 12th July. Appointments may need to move a little but it is hoped that she will be ‘with wheels’ at some point during the day. Never a dull moment…. Mr “Smith”, your insurers will hear from us.

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