The British Summer

18 July 2016

Guess what? It’s arrived! With temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius plus today in the FWL Wimborne Office, we are apparently in for a further TWO DAYS of hot weather. Yes. That’s it. Then the British Summer is over. We are apparently not allowed more than three days of sunshine, otherwise we will all lose the plot, get burnt and never consider going overseas for a summer break again – yeah right!

It has been a day of meetings and collections for me. It’s not so often I get to travel to the Wimborne Office nowadays. Leaving early this morning (via the post office to collect everything before Calne departure), I wended my way down towards Dorset but via Hampshire. On one of our estates, the deceased’s personal property and a ‘not-insignificant-amount-of-cash‘ had been stored and cared for by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. Not knowing (but surmising) that I would need some identification (other than Family Wise Limited emblazoned across my jumper), it was a good job that I had my driving licence up my left trouser leg.

‘Twas pretty warm en route in Car 2 and my driving stance was clearly different to the usual Ronnie mode as my back and shoulders certainly felt it when we arrived in Wimborne, three hours after we had started. Made an interesting discovery on the way down to Dorset – Google+ works pretty well on a mobile phone through a Parrot system, but not once a telephone call comes in!

Met up with the lovely T & M this afternoon – beneficiaries on one of our cases – to return countersigned copy contracts and ID. Afternoon tea was much appreciated and an unexpected extra! Follow that with a trip to the bank to pay in the cash from the morning, and two cheques (one invoice payment and one from HMRC – it is possible!!). And then the new case list came out – at after 3pm. Some interesting ones for sure which will keep my brain going for a while yet.

Oh, and I nearly forgot…. a case back from the GLD this morning…. rather sad circumstances of death with the cause of death noted as ‘unascertained’ as the deceased was not found for a long while after her demise. How does this happen in this day and age?

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