It’s such a perfect day

20 July 2016

Well, it didn’t start out that way, to be honest. However, at the end of the day, it has been exactly that. Sadly, I made a mistake last night. A serious one. I forgot to silence the telephone which picks up all our work calls. Big Oops.

That said, I cannot complain that someone called us at half 5 to leave a message. However, I can kick myself for having the darned telephone on noise. It was someone who we desperately needed to speak to, but at half 5, that was not going to happen and a voicemail was left for later. Unfortunately, our office number is very similar to two taxi firms and so, I did not for one minute consider that the call was actually for us! I was mistaken. Clearly….

Some news is hard to break and it’s crucial that we make sure the person we are speaking to is the right person. There would be nothing worse than to tell someone their loved one has passed away and actually have made a mistake. We never leave this to chance. When we are in a position to discuss news like this, we make absolutely certain that the connections are right. Documentary evidence needs to be in place …. how/why would we contact people otherwise?

Anyways, that’s by the by. The reason for our perfect day is that, at the start of the day, it looked like our MD would be ‘laptopless‘ today. With a ‘knackered’ Dell Hard Drive (on a two-year old laptop), it required specialist treatment by the IT Gurus at Everything IT. Not only that, Chief Mark took the time out to do the job himself. We were so honoured. Not only that, but our MD was able to work in Bath at Everything IT HQ on the new laptop whilst the old (decrepit) one was fixed. Where else would you receive that kind of service? And the offer to work there again…. maybe our MD isn’t so bad, after all!

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