Preparing for the week ahead

24 July 2016

When I blog on a Sunday, I often look ahead and consider what we hope/need to achieve in the forthcoming week at FWL. Today has been a rather different day. In fact, the weekend has been somewhat out of the ordinary. The wheels don’t ever really stop turning at FWL, with all our offices across the globe. Some people work more hours during the week, whilst others prefer to work on weekends. We all have our own schedules…. and that’s what makes the wheels turn so well.

Tomorrow, we will be welcoming a new member of the team to FWL Towers in Calne. Exciting times and an extra pair of hands on deck will be most appreciated. An update to the tea/coffee list will be needed for starters but, prior to that, FWL Towers had to expand. More desk space was required and, in order to really motor ahead, we needed to make sure that the in-trays and out-trays were in place and all the processes in order and up-to-date. So, Mr FWL and Ma and Pa FWL have all played their part from cleaning the windows to archiving documents in the Office Attic, dusting, vacuuming and shredding…. nothing has been left on the job list. And it’s Sunday today…. Massive thanks to everyone for their time and help (and sweat…. in bucket loads!).

We have many time-critical missions at the moment where quotes and/or work are required quickly due to client ill-health. We can work magic but not always with immediate effect. Please don’t leave crucial researches until it’s too late …. or close to …. we can work fast but I am always worried that fast might not be fast enough.

I never cease to be amazed at the secrets people harbour for most (or all) of their lives. Some secrets are worth keeping, though often it would be much more beneficial if Pandora’s Box was opened a little earlier.

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