Meeting of minds

30 July 2016

Two weeks ago, I told you about my trip to the Big Smoke. I went again today…. ugh…. not my favourite trip, I have to confess. Reading (previous residence) to London Paddington = 30 minutes. Chippenham to London Paddington = Reading + 1 hour. When you start the day with the alarm clock going off at 5am, that extra hour of travel time (each way) makes a massive difference. Why oh why did I make the trip, AGAIN?

The Society of Genealogists run half-day courses on Saturdays throughout the year and this afternoon was time to talk about What Cannot be Done Online? What a massive topic! We could have carried on until Christmas 2020 and not covered every source in England! However, we took the high notes of Wills, various parish chest documents (removal orders, settlement examinations, apprenticeship indentures and more), lunatic asylum records, The National Archives Discovery Catalogue, how to locate records…. and some case studies and tasks to boot. When you start at 2pm, three hours flies by and suddenly it’s 5pm and the end of the course.

Oh and I nearly forgot – hardly! – I managed to stop for 20 minutes today on arrival at the SoG to have a proper good chinwag with Penny who is Canadian, FYI! Coffee will be organised very soon dear lady…. you are on my list!!!

There was a RideLondon cycling event today which apparently caused a few transport issues for some attendees but thankfully, no issues for me. In fact, transport-wise, I had far less issues than two weeks ago. At my end though, Calne Bike Meet (the largest free motorcycle meet in Europe!) hampered my endeavours to get to the Post Office this morning and, with no spaces available at the Post Office in Chippenham, I had realised that I had enough time to get to Paddington (Praed Street) Post Office…. well, until the train was late and I landed up outside the Post Office at 12:33 – three minutes after it closed. Grrr…. Ann, I am coming to see you tomorrow (our Calne PO is open on Sunday!)

Tomorrow is a day of work here at FWL Towers. Lots of reports need to be completed, invoices need paying (and some chasing!) and projects prepared for handover to Team FWL on Monday. August is going to be a busy one, that’s for sure!

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