Learning new skills

4 August 2016

Every day is a new day to learn new things. However, we (Team FWL) never imagined a day when we would have to run FWL with no electricity. Hence, no Wifi and (for no apparent reason) no mobile signal for all bar one of our team. We managed a whole twenty minutes before anarchy set in and the neighbouring building’s alarm drove us to distraction and so, we de-camped (en masse) to the nearest hostelry with all mod cons. Several hostelries later (and about five miles down the road), we stumbled across one which served a very good lunch as well as being not too noisy enabling the team to continue work (more or less) as normal.

Thanks to a link from the Shout Out Calne Facebook page to Scottish and Southern Energy, we managed to receive updates on the progress of our electrical restoration and arrived back at FWL Towers ready to print letters, call clients and more, before anyone really noticed! It just goes to show that nothing stops us here!!

We have dealt with Mexican births back in the 19th century and marriages which seem to occur in foreign lands (or not at all), along with clients who appear to think that we have no part to play in the administration of their relative’s estates (despite representing many and various members of their family). There is ‘nowt as queer as folk‘ but, for sure, some are mighty ‘queer‘!

Do you know what has benefited us more than anything else this week? Networking. Simple. We received a new referral this morning from the Founder of 4Networking, Brad Burton, via a Facebook group. We are members of the group and at ‘wee-small-o’clock’ someone asked for help ordering certificates in foreign lands. No problem for us and lovely to have someone refer us to a new client on Social Media.

Every day is a new day to learn new things. Keep learning. Always.

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