Help…. too much networking

9 August 2016

Sitting here this evening, not only have I been watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio (Brazil) but also networking in a very important Facebook event – name our dogs…. I would never have delved into the realms, if it wasn’t for the fact that paired names were required. Ronnie and Reggie (Kray), Rhubarb and Custard, Frankie and Benny …. I could go on…. Yes, I am a names person. No apology required….

It’s the end of a busy few days. Apparently, I was supposed to have Friday – Monday off work. Hm….. well…. anyways…. we are signing cases, left right and centre. We received some paperwork today, via a client of ours, from another company. Staggered doesn’t even touch it. They didn’t even name the deceased (again, as we’ve mentioned before, but this was a different firm!) and asked the letter recipient to send loads of identification documents and a signed contract! We NEVER do that in our initial letter unless we have already been contracted by other members of the family…. and then, we name those members of the family!

Today, alone, has been pretty amazing for us at FWL …. two separate individuals contacted us about estates they (or their relatives) are entitled to, checking the legitimacy of our competitors. We were pleased to confirm that they were bona fide and allay concerns. But more importantly, several clients were referred to us directly in relation to a variety of matters and all of those were via networking – specifically 4Networking. Last week, the founder of 4Networking, Brad Burton, referred a client and we have delivered on a Mexican and US marriage certificate within three working days. That even exceeded my expectations as MD! Networking brings in a huge amount of business …. when can you honestly say ‘too much networking’!? NEVER!!

The new office is very much now in the offing and we are super excited. Decor being planned along with furniture, filing systems and heaven knows what. When will we move in? Hopefully very soon…. but watch this space. FWL Towers needs more staff – case managers, admin and more. Are you local to Calne? FWL needs you!!! Get in touch!

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