Keys, frogs and trees

12 August 2016

Exciting times ahead! We have keys to our new office…..! There are still some formality hoops to leap through but, in the meantime, we can start getting quotes for all the decoration, get the broadband in, network cabling and other exciting tasks (VOIP phones?!)…. We have grand designs for the interior but we cannot do anything to the exterior as it is in a heritage area of the town. We are so pleased that we have managed to secure an office within the heart of the community and enormously looking forward to moving in and making the office our own.

At the present time, our office is in a rather rural area of Wiltshire – not in the centre of town and hence, not so accessible to members of the public who want to visit. Today, we discovered that this also presents issues with regard to wildlife. During our normal (ish) working Friday afternoon, we were visited by …. a frog. Uninvited (contrary to our other several visitors during the day), s/he presented her/himself at the most inopportune moment. That moment being whilst the MD was on the telephone to a potential client and, being the only one unperturbed by said visitor, thus unable to immediately deal with it.

Several team members scattering, the visitor decided to stow her/himself behind a cabinet. In the absence of any suitable tree-like implement to extricate our visitor, a rather colourful feather duster was extracted from the cleaning cupboard to encourage our jumping friend back into the open. Telephone call over, Hoppy was not a happy chappy, making rather angry ribbit noises. Heading initially for the already packed beautiful purple envelopes, Hoppy clearly knew the direction of water…. heading for the bathroom rather than the outside world. The aforementioned feather duster encouraged the route further before s/he landed up in the shoe of one of the team before finally departing out of the front door. Never a dull moment…. and hopefully, in the new office, a problem which will not occur again!

We have been graced by the presence of several visitors this week – beneficiaries, local business owners and our business coach from the Black Country – and soon, we will have much more space to welcome you all, as well as show you ‘our tree‘…. plans a-foot on that score.

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